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Rebecca Nicholson

CEO & Founding Partner, 5D Ventures

Rebecca Nicholson is a grounded visionary entrepreneur, who currently leads as the CEO and founding partner of 5D Ventures. She drives her initiatives forward with a strong foundation of mindfulness and consciousness. With an unyielding commitment to impact, ethics, and an astute grasp of the ever-evolving landscape, she blends creativity and practicality to shape operational excellence.
Her expertise spans from guiding workshops, yoga and meditation to strategic advisory, consulting, public speaking, and event curation. As a bridge-builder, she connects diverse perspectives to drive positive change in transformative industries.
Drawing from over two decades of experience in managing high-level teams and transformative projects, Rebecca’s strategic prowess shines. From cultivating relationships to orchestrating dynamic company growth, her guidance steers with grace and foresight. Her dedication extends to fostering a mindful culture founded on collaboration, innovation, and ethical impact.
Rebecca’s adeptness in advocacy, orchestrating events and spearheading fundraising initiatives has propelled 5D Ventures to the industry forefront. Her influence extends beyond her role as a revered advisor in the immersive wellness and retreat space; she’s also a respected moderator and panelist who shapes revolutionary industry discourse. As a founding member of ‘Celebrating Women in Psychedelics’, she exemplifies commitment to both advancing her field and promoting diversity and opportunities for women.