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John Sculley

Former CEO & Chairman of the Board, Apple; CEO, PepsiCo

Sculley’s professional journey is highlighted by his tenure at PepsiCo, where he served as Vice-President from 1970 to 1977, and as Youngest CEO & President from 1977 to 1983.

His career took a notable turn when he joined Apple Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on April 8, 1983, a pivotal role he held until 1993. This period at Apple was marked by transformative decisions, including the notable task of cutting costs and personnel changes, most prominently involving Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs

Sculley’s influence extended beyond his corporate roles. He was also portrayed in various films related to Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs, highlighting his impact on the tech world and popular culture.

In addition to his role at Apple, Sculley achieved a remarkable feat in 1987 when he was named Silicon Valley’s top-paid executive. This underscores his prominence and influence in the tech industry during that era.

Currently, Sculley continues to impart his vast experience and knowledge. He is the chairman and CMO of nirvanaHealth | RxAdvance Corp, a pioneering cloud-based Pharmacy Benefit Management platform. Additionally, he holds multiple positions at various startups, further demonstrating his ongoing involvement and leadership in the business and tech sectors.