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December 2nd, 2024

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach

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The 2022 Florida Family Office & High Net Worth Conference


09:00 – 09:10 AMOpening Remarks
 Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC Finance
Mr. David Homan, CEO, Orchestrated Connecting, LLC – Conference Moderator
09:10 – 09:30 AMPanel: Backyard Impact
Mr. David Homan, CEO, Orchestrated Connecting, LLC
Ms. Sarah Feil Lewin, Co-Head & Director of Philanthropy, Feil Lewin Family Office
Mr. James Sternlicht, CEO & Founder, The Peace Department
Mr. Adam Fried, Founding Partner, Friedom Partners
How investing and impact through social engagement in communities and private homes leads to innovative and important deals, investments, and philanthropy in the modern age.
09:30 – 09:50 AMHuman 2.0: The Commercial and Practical Implications of Modern Neuroscience
Dr. David Bach, MD & CEO, Optios
The ways in which modern neuroscience allows us to upgrade the human brain are staggering. Powered by these scientific breakthroughs, a massive new industry is rapidly emerging: “NeuroPerformance.” During this highly interactive presentation, Dr. David Bach, a Harvard-trained neuroscientist and highly accomplished serial entrepreneur will provide an overview of the evolving NeuroPerformance landscape, addressing: the core scientific breakthroughs that underpin the neuroscience revolution; where the industry is headed; and emerging investment opportunities.
09:50 – 10:05 AMThe Longevity Opportunity 
Mr. Ole Mensching, Co-Founder & General Partner, Apollo Health Ventures
For the first time in human history we know which problems we have to solve to prevent age related diseases and slow ageing itself. This talk will not only discuss longevity drugs of the future but also new data that strongly suggests that there are already drugs out there that can prolong health- and lifespan.
10:05 – 10:15 AMPrivate Aviation Trends and Transitions
Ms. Lee Brewster, Vice President, Thoroughbred Aviation
Mr. Will Amling, Regional Vice President of Aircraft Management Sales, Jet Linx
Mr. Spencer Mitchell, Partner, Thoroughbred Aviation
The past 24 months have shown unprecedented trends in the private aviation industry. Thoroughbred Aviation and Jet Linx Aviation will review market conditions, touch on why charter customers are evaluating ownership now more than ever, and look ahead to where private aviation will be in 2023 and beyond!
10:15 – 10:25 AMUsing Innovative Insurance Strategies to Minimize Taxes and Enhance the Returns on Global Investments
Mr. Thomas F. Wiese, President of Institutional Solutions, Crown Global Insurance Group LLC
Many Non-U.S. Investors are reluctant to invest in the U.S. due to the high tax rates. Conventional tax blockers such as Leveraged Blockers and BDCs can be complicated, expensive to implement and still allow significant tax leakage. Proven insurance-based tax blockers are easier and less expensive to implement, while at the same time they can effectively eliminate any tax leakage. These more efficient insurance-based tax blockers can increase a Non-U.S. Investors’ IRR on U.S. assets by over 60% and result in an additional return of 500 basis points as compared to a conventional blocker.
10:25 – 10:40 AMInvest Bev and the Brian Rosen Story
Mr. Brian Rosen, General Partner, Growth Beverage, InvestBev Family of Funds
The story of the Nation’s Number 1 seller of adult beverages for over 30 years and how this non correlated asset class is where money is moving for secure returns.
10:40 – 11:10 AMCOFFEE BREAK
11:10 – 11:30 AMArt Investing. THE Alternative Portfolio Asset
Mr. Russell A. Glotfelty, Presxident & CEO, AXIOM
Mr. Marco Hussen, Partner, AXIOM
A comprehensive conversation focused on strategic planning, tools and skills using artworks of all types and price points to build assets. Also, the unique tax opportunities of art funds.
11:30 – 11:40 AMInvesting in Art: An Inaccessible Asset Class 
Mr. Omer Tiroche, Director & Manager, Albatross Art Investments
 Historically, the art market has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 and has proven to have lower correlation to other major markets. The investment strategies and opportunities for entry into this market will be discussed by the prominent London gallery owner, Omer Tiroche, who is the 3rd generation of an art dealing dynasty.
11:40 – 11:50 AMOutperforming the Commercial Real Estate Marketplace in a High-Interest Rate Economy
Mr. Scott Dahin, CEO, Tricore Storage Funds
Commercial Real Estate: Self Storage – Choosing the Right Properties, Right Locations, Right Time. In a diversified real estate portfolio – why Self Storage makes sense in an interest rate sensitive environment and outperforms “all” other real estate classes annually for the last 25 years (according to NaReit Research).
11:50 – 12:00 PMInvesting in Multifamily in the Sunbelt: Blue Atlantic Partners 
Mr. Gil Hermon, Founder & Partner, Blue Arch Capital
Market turbulence, a flight-to-quality, and shifting demographics have created an environment in which stable cash-flow from strong assets is more important than ever. Blue Atlantic discusses the multifamily landscape with a focus on value-add in the sunbelt.  
12:00 – 12:10 PMToday’s Most Effective Strategies for Maximizing Philanthropic Impact
Mr. Eric Edidin, Executive Chairman, BH3 Management
Eric Edidin will discuss important strategies for UHNW individuals looking to make a bold philanthropic impact and leverage their wealth for social good. He will cover the most tax advantageous vehicles for charitable giving, particularly donor advised funds (DAFs), and explain how DAFs can accept gifts of many types of assets including publically traded securities, cryptocurrency, real property and non-marketable assets. 
12:10 – 12:20 PMAt-Risk Youth – From Social Burden to Social Mobility
Mr. Assaf Wiess, CEO & Founder, Ma’agalim
We will be presenting the picture of at risk youth in Israel and the reality in numbers. Ma’agalim’s mission is to save and change the futures of thousands of youth throughout the country and providing mentorship programs and life coaches who guide, support and push these teens to live their lives to their fullest potential.
12:20 – 12:30 PMInteractive Rewards Platforms and The Future of Retail
Mr. Ali Akil, Leader, Visionary & Operator, Grapevines Software, Corp.
Brands, retailers, and small businesses all suffer from the same issues of brand loyalty, customer engagement and personalization. With the Grapvinesapp, Ali enhances the traditional shopping experience by integrating both the online as well as the in-store rewards into a fun, rewarding and interactive shopping experience.
12:30 – 12:40 PMTechnology and Life Science 
Mr. Yaky Yanay, CEO & President, Pluri Inc. and Former President, Israel High Tech Association
Pluri is a biotechnology company creating cell-based products for commercial use, pioneering a biotech revolution that promotes global wellbeing and sustainability. The Company’s technology platform, a patented and validated state-of-the-art 3D cell expansion system, advances novel cell-based solutions for a range of initiatives— from medicine and climate change to food scarcity, animal cruelty and beyond.
12:40 – 01:00 PMFuture of Media and Entertainment with Web3 and Metaverse
Ms. Falon Fatemi, CEO, Fireside Chat Inc.
Fireside is the first interactive Web3 streaming platform for the best professional creators and brands to accelerate building their own studio, network, and streaming platforms of the future. 
01:00 – 01:20 PMKeynote Discussion: From Investopedia to AI – What All Investors Should Know about Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Cory Janssen, Co-Founder, Investopedia; Co-Founder & Co-CEO, AltaML
Big tech has used AI to transform many consumer industries, but the transformation has only begun. The real change will happen in the coming years over the rest of the economy. Cory Janssen, who co-founded, will share real life lessons from building AI solutions in the enterprise. 
01:20 – 01:30 PMLeveling the Playing Field in Treasury Management
Ms. Genevieve Bos, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Poplar
Poplar uncovered and is solving an untapped financial need for most small and medium sized businesses. Big companies have teams of highly paid professionals whose full-time job is to deliver yield on idle cash. We created Poplar to level the playing field for the SMB market by automating idle cash in-and-out of high yield into fixed income sources like Treasury Bonds, Muni and Corporate Bonds, ETF’s and even alternative assets  – changing forever how business owners manage their cash.
01:30 – 02:30 PMLUNCH
02:30 – 02:50 PMKeynote Speech
Ms. Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor Miami Dade County
02:50 – 02:55 PMIntroduction to the Family Office Circle
Mr. David Homan, CEO, Orchestrated Connecting, LLC
02:55 – 03:15 PMA Life Well Lived
Mr. Jack Miller, Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Jack Miller was fortunate to live in a great time in America and to be able to live the American Dream. His success has allowed him to invest, through his foundation, in trying to preserve that dream for future generations. This has given purpose to this last part of his life.
03:15 – 03:35 PMUkraine, Taiwan, and Critical Infrastructure: How Family Offices, Investors, and C-Suite Executives Ought Think About Cyber Collateral Damage and Destructive Cyber Attacks
Mr. Jamil N. Jaffer, Founder & Executive Director, National Security Institute, George Mason University Law School
In light of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine and the potential threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in the not-so-distant future, family offices, investors, and C-suite executives must increasingly consider the potential risk posed by cyber attacks that are either designed to create destructive effects or which may result in collateral damage to their organizations or investments, even where they are not the intended target. This session will look at the lessons of cyber attacks like Colonial Pipeline, JBS, NotPetya, Sony Pictures, and Las Vegas Sands, as well as recent trends in geopolitics and cyber operations to help senior leaders think about and plan for threats to their operational and business infrastructure. The session will provide tools and frameworks for the assessment of cyber geopolitical risk in private sector boardrooms and executive offices.
03:35 – 03:55 PMSuccessful Strategies for Disruptive Growth: From Mindset to Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Rolando Gadala-Maria, Founder & CEO, Visage Capital Group
Ms. Asha Saxena, Founder & CEO
Ms. Marianne Springmuhl, Entrepreneur & Board Member
This panel will discuss experience-based approaches to building an AI strategy wholly based on one’s business strategy. We will discuss the value and execution of methodologies, through real-world examples of how companies such as Netflix and Starbucks have successfully implemented AI at a massive scale in their enterprise. We will take a deep dive on how organizations adopt a people-first mindset and take bold and responsible steps to apply AI technologies to their business, including implementing AI in the marketing and sales processes of companies to grow. We will close with a discussion of different criteria for investment in opportunities in AI Industries for disruptive growth.
03:55 – 04:15 PMGrowing Wealth Via Entrepreneurship, Investments and Seeking Alpha Across All Market Cycles
Ms. Candice Beaumont, Chief Investment Officer, L Investments – Moderator
Mr. James Korman, Chairman Korman Family Office, Korman Ventures
Mr. Nicholas Perricone, Entrepreneur, Chairman of Perricone Family Office
Mr. Chris Gannon, CEO, Bolay Restaurants
A panel of successful entrepreneurs, leading family office CIOs discuss growing assets both with entrepreneurial ventures, building and selling businesses, as well as asset allocation and investments to grow wealth across all market cycles.  The panel will discuss investment mandates during the current high inflationary environment, and how to navigate market cycles across public and private equity investing. 
04:30 – 05:30 PMCOCKTAIL